Epic Santiago View

Santiago extends over Chile as its capital city and is home to 6 million people dwelling in 'comuna’ or big suburbs. You will need to get a Metro to cover most of the city’s welcoming sights, which will take many days. The cultural and economic center of the city is well-known for its green parks, captivating museums, striking city skyline, rich history, and exciting nightlife.

It is a very hygienic and safe city as far as street traveling for tourists is concerned. The subway transport is excellent, making you feel almost at home whether you take a ride or travel on foot.

So are you ready for an adventure to the edge of the world?

Santiago Travel Guide

Get In and Get Around

Get In: Arrive at the Santiago Airport (SCL) from Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, or any other South American city and use public transport (a bus service costing around CLP$1,700) to reach downtown in 10 minutes. You can also hop on a hotel shuttle to reach your place or hire a taxi for about CLP$15,000 to reach the city.

You can also use a train to reach Santiago, but it does not connect well to other places. A car trip or a bus is a better way to reach the city from Route 5 and Route 68.

Get Around: Moving around the city is accessible through subway and buses, requiring you to purchase a Bip! Card, costing CLP$1,350. City taxis feature black and yellow (roof) color with a starting fare of CLP$250 and CLP$900 per mile. Another great option is a rental car through Avis, Sixt, etc., at a starting price of CLP$32,000 per day.

Places You Must Visit in Santiago

  • One of the best ways to get to know Chile is through tours. Apart from the tailor-made itineraries, you can go for trekking & hiking, landscape and wildlife, cultural and heritage tours, and winter & snow tours.
  • Cerro Santa Lucia Hill - to enjoy the wonderful sights, springs, staircases, etc.
  • Paris Londres Neighborhood - an antique lane whose architecture is worth appreciation.
  • La Moneda - called Palace and is home to a museum underneath that displays artwork of Chileans.
  • Plaza de Armas - makes you see cultural activities by local artists. It is surrounded by gardens with a municipal band in the middle. You can see the National Cathedral here as well as the Peruvian community. These people have opened various points for eating here.
  • La Chascona - guided tours are given to this Pablo Neruda house. Its interior library holds approximately 900 books.
  • Visit the Sky Costanera – it is the highest point of Gran Torre Santiago, the tallest structure in South America. You can see the whole city from either indoor or outdoor observation decks, as per your choice.
  • Visit Barrio Yungay if you desire to delve into old churches, schools, plazas, and statues in the vicinity. This stunning structure is a must-visit if you like to marvel at the typical Santiago. Here you can take stunning photos as well.

Things To Do in Santiago

  • Walk up to the highest viewpoint in Santiago - Cerro San Cristóbal. You can join the tourists for fun- trekking and later bathe in the uphill swimming pool and see the small zoo. It is a part of Parque Metropolitano, along with two swimming pools, a zoo, and a botanical garden.
  • If you have your family along, you can go to Parque Forestal to see a variety of performances. Jugglers, actors, and other entertainers will make it so much fun. There are outstanding second-hand items to buy from here.
  • Mercado Central is the place to be at lunchtime if you want to savor the delicious seafood in one of the small bistros. This central bazaar came into being in 1872 and still runs as the leading marketplace of the city, with plenty of shops offering local food. Besides, there are bars and restaurants with the primary specialty in seafood.
  • If you enjoy arts, then The Museo Bellas Artes, with its two floors of art exhibits, is a must-visit place. The building itself is a delightful sight with its marble exterior and interior.
  • Patio BellaVista lets you satisfy your socializing streak. You can meet the natives and tourists and enjoy fun-filled music events.
  • Do not forget to hit Club de Jazz de Santiago if you love Jazz, located in the north of the city.

Shopping and Sports

Los Dominicos is an upbeat shopping arena offering many different items. You can surely get some souvenirs to give to loved ones. Patio BellaVista is also lined with shops. Santa Lucia presents with you local handmade artifacts. Plazo de Armes is where you can play a chess match with the clever natives. To brush up on your skiing skills, you can go to Termas de Chillan between July and October.

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